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Alpha Gallery Edinburgh 

52 Hamilton Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 5AX,

The Art Agency London

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Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers 2018 'WOMEN SEEN BY WOMEN'

Valid Foto Gallery Barcelona April 10-28, 2018

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Scottish Identity, Gallery 23 Edinburgh

Maura Jamieson

Maura Jamieson

Gallery 23  

23 Atholl Cresent
Edinburgh EH3 8HQ

Scottish Identity March 31-April 20.

“Where is the coward that would not dare to fight for such a land as Scotland,” Sir Walter Scott asked in the 18th Century. Yet, what does it mean to be Scottish in 2017? Does one have to be born in Scotland to feel Scottish? In a particularly tense period following Brexit, the possibility of another independence referendum, and aftershocks from the United States election, Scottish Identity asks artists to examine their own views of Scotland and her people. The artists presented here have presented a body of work that exposes the nuanced dimensions of this unique country. Works have engaged social issues, the future of the natural landscape, historic traditions, personal experience, notions of ancestry, patriotism and politics.

Significantly, of the 25% of Scotland’s residents who were born elsewhere, minority groups are far more likely to claim Scottish identity in Scotland than those who claim an English identity in England. What is it about Scotland that makes her residents so passionate about land and country? Gallery 23 seeks to contribute to the dialogue of what Scotland looks like on the brink of such exceptional national and global change.


John Ayscough

John Ayscough

Robyn Braham

Robyn Braham

Porcelain & Print 

Porcelain and Print is an exhibition of Photography and Ceramics, comprising the work of two women artists, Maura Jamieson and Judy Dibiase. Both artists use shadow and light to exploit and extend modern and traditional image making. 

Craft Central

Starts  Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ends  Sunday, October 9, 2016

Address  33-35 St John’s Square London - EC1M 4DS

Location London

Artists  Maura Jameison and Judy Dibiase